The Real Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Designer


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Three Reasons Why You Need a Landscape Designer for Your Garden, Even if You Are a Seasoned Gardener

We never thought to use a landscape designer to help design our little farmette. However, after working with Fawn of Fawn Renea Designs for our Barn Garden, we saw the value right away in working with a professional to plan our gardens and farmette layout.

There are three main points of value I found in working with a professional to plan out outdoor spaces:

  1. A designer can give a professional and objective opinion to your space,
  2. A designer can help create harmony in your outdoor space,
  3. And our favorite, a designer can help you save money in the long-term.
Why You Should Work with a Landscape Designer for your Landscape and Gardens |

A Landscape Designer Provides a Professional and Objective Perspective

My bookshelves are full of gardening and garden design books. I’m no professional, but I certainly have an opinion on what I like and what I want in our gardens.

Sure, you can very well get out some paper, or graph paper, and draw out your gardens, and that is a completely valid option.

However, after working with Fawn firstly for our Barn Garden, she was able to take my ideas and wants, and produce a well-rounded plan. A plan that was full of plant recommendations per our zone and conditions. Her plan was also stunning—more than I had asked for, while also realistic.

She suggested hardscapes I did not even fathom for something as simple as a Barn Garden, including a rose arbor and fire pit. Because of her professional experience and knowledge, she knew how to push my dream even farther.

A Professional Design Can Provide Harmony to Your Space

Sometimes when you have a garden that is separate from your typical landscape, I have noticed a lack of flow from the home and landscape to the garden.

Meaning, I’ll see very traditional against-the-house landscape, then a starkly different garden space—perhaps methodical rows or a whimsical potager. The two spaces do not look related, or maybe even relate to the home.

Note: You should absolutely do whatever you want with your garden and landscape. If you want very different-looking outdoor spaces, that is great! That’s just not what we were going for.

I like the landscape to reflect the home’s style, and the sequential gardens’ style to simply be an extension of the home and landscape. It’s all harmonious.

If you like that idea too, a landscape designer will be so good in looking at your home and entire space as one vision. That way, the landscape won’t look disjointed.

We have a very large backyard and large backyard plans. I keep finding pockets of space, and with her design I’ve been able to adjust or add in these little pockets while staying on course of the overall vision.

Why Hiring a Landscape Designer Can Save You Money |

Hiring a Landscape Designer Can Save You Money in the Long-Term

Hiring a landscape designer is not cheap. A good designer start at few thousand dollars for a front-of-home or large garden. Hear me out, it absolutely can be worth it.

In the past, no matter how hard we’d plan ahead, when spring would come, planting our plan always felt like a mad dash and a lot of second-guessing.

Having a professional drawn-out plan, even if only sections of it can be implemented each year, gives you a clear North Star on where you’re headed.

For us, that means not impulse-buying at the nursery because we know that no matter how pretty something may be, if it’s not in the plan, it will probably be ripped out later and overall waste of money.

What I loved about working with Fawn is that she offers suggestions for alternatives. If our local nursery doesn’t have one shrub, she often has a suggestion for something compatible.

Working with a professional landscape designer like Fawn, has give us so much confidence style-wise and financially as we get ready for planting season.

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Photograph by Leah Payne