How Big Do Babydoll Sheep Get?

Babydoll Sheep

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Babydoll Sheep Size

Adult Babydolls—or, Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep—are 18-24″ at the shoulder and weight between 75-125 pounds. Because of Babydoll Sheep size and gentle personalities, they are perfect for small homesteads and hobby farms with families.

Babydoll Sheep Size and Personality: Learn more at | Everly & Raine Co. by Katie O. Selvidge

If you are interested in raising Babydoll Sheep for your homestead, you are in luck because they are one of the easiest farm animals to raise.

Their small size allows them to be easily handled, making caring for Babydolls much easier than some other animals. Your fencing can be lower due to their short stature which is helpful to cut down on costs. And, they make perfect pets for children and 4-H projects.

In this article, you will learn more about:

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  • Babydoll Sheep Personality

Why Are Babydoll Sheep Small

They are Not Miniature Sheep, but a Heritage Breed

As mentioned before, Babydolls usually do not exceed 2 feet tall and 125 pounds in weight. Many people therefore assume they are miniature sheep. They are not.

Babydoll Sheep are the original Southdown sheep. Hundreds of years ago, they were raised on farms.

They were bred to be bigger for higher production once they made their debut to America. What we now consider Southdown sheep are actually a hybrid, not the original.

The true Southdown sheep, what we call Babydolls today, nearly went extinct. However, Robert Mock helped preserve the breed in the 1990’s.

The full history of Babydoll Sheep is fascinating and explains why they are small, but not miniature.

How Tall Do They Get

Babydoll Sheep Height & Why it Makes Them Perfect for a Family Homestead or Hobby Farm

While only reaching as high as 2 feet in adulthood, usually less, Babydoll Sheep appear as miniature sheep. However, we know they are heirloom breed.

There are a two reasons why their short stature makes them perfect for a family homestead or hobby farm:

Lower Fencing

Because of their size, Babydoll Sheep do not need tall fencing. They are much more laid-back than goats too and are less interested in escaping. They need good fencing to protect them from predators, but you can save money by having a lower fence.

Babydoll Sheep and Children

Due to Babydolls being usually less than 24 inches tall, children are more confident around them. Plus, their gentle personalities make them perfect for pets or 4H projects.

My youngest daughter loves to follow the sheep and feed them. Never have they knocked her over or been anything but gentle with her.

How Much Do They Weigh

Babydoll Sheep Weight Allows Them to Be Easy to Handle

If you are a beginner homesteader, Babydoll Sheep are perfect to help you build your confidence around farm animals because they weigh so much less than most.

They typically weight between 75 – 125 pounds.

Do not misunderstand me, they are very strong. Babydoll Sheep are very strong, and just because they are small doesn’t mean they might resist being tipped for hoof trimming.

However, even with their strength, they are still easier to handle than most.

Babydoll Sheep Personality

Gentle, But with a Lot of Character

Babydoll Sheep are known for their smiling faces, but it’s more than just appearances. They are very sweet, gentle animals.

You may seem some head-butting and hoof-stomping here and there, but for the most part they are calm and happy to graze or rest in some shade.

Just like any animal, I have come to find each sheep has its own unique personality. That is part of the joy in raising farm animals!

However, when compared to other sheep breeds or even other ruminants like goats, Babydoll Sheep are calm, gentle and easy to love.

Babydoll Sheep Size, Weight & Personality: Perfect for the Family Homestead or Hobby Farm

When I first fell in love with Babydoll Sheep it was because of their look. They are so cute with their sweet, smiling faces—perfectly fitting our dream hobby farm aesthetic.

But as I learned more about their history, why they are small and their pleasant temperaments, I fell more in love.

If you are considering adding Babydoll Sheep to your homestead, especially if you have young children, I cannot recommend them enough!

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